Intelligent Image Synthesis
Robust AI Models


Data augmentation & testing platform specialized for vision problems

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Augment Your Image Dataset

TESTINT’s large catalog of augmentation methods allows generating diverse test images for different scenarios covering adversarial attacks, basic corruptions, and environmental condition changes.

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Evaluate Your Model Performance

TESTINT allows creating test scenarios and testing your model on generated datasets choosing from a variety of performance and test adequacy metrics.

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Analyze and Download Your Test Results

TESTINT prepares insightful reports containing test results with tables and bar charts. Download the report and discover hidden insights about your model and test dataset.

Apply augmentations, when your image dataset is not enough for training or testing

Easily upload the images you want to augment to the TESTINT platform.


Diversify your dataset

  • - Applying adversarial attacks
  • - Simulating weather changes (adding rain, fog, snow, cloud etc.)
  • - Day-to-night image transformation
  • - Object placement
  • - Simulating basic corruptions (rotating, blurring, cropping etc.)

Download your newly generated images or keep them on the platform for testing.


Test your deep learning base image classification models

Add your deep learning-based image classification models to the platform and test them on newly generated data. We support Keras and PyTorch models!


Variety of performance and test metrics

Choose from a variety of performance and test adequacy metrics to evaluate your DL models with datasets in TESTINT.


Test reports generation

Performance and behaviour of your DL models will be analyzed and test reports with tables and bar charts are prepared.




Autonomous Vehicles

Capabilities of modern AV technology rely heavily on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our platform provides a quick and efficient solution to build more robust and accurate ADAS functions. It enhances perception capabilities of the AV by simulating environmental changes. It brings the AI models to a safer level by checking the model robustness against vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.


Safety & Aviation

Our platform capabilities enhance the safety and precision of artificial intelligence applications in the defense and aviation industries. TESTINT generates synthetic aerial images for conditions being challenging to collect data. It helps making the model robust and safe by thorough testing.


About Us


AI is everywhere!

High diversity of data is necessary for building successful AI apps. Verifying the models with adequate data sets is vital for creating robust solutions.

Our mission at testINT is assisting the development of robust AI applications by using intelligent image synthesis techniques. We do this by expanding the test data sets by applying data augmentation techniques such as linear and affine transformations, GANs and adversarial attacks. You can also upload your model and we will run the tests with the expanded data set and provide you with a report that includes insightful data about the robustness and interpretability of your model.

You focus on your model and business requirements while we help you expand your test data sets and let you test&analyze your model using testint.